Objects taking sides
Dove™ travel toiletries set (shampoo, body soap, conditioner, face wash), toothpaste, shaver, hair wax, cigarette pack, serviette from Macdonalds

On the night of 21 July 2019, a group of armed men dressed in white stormed the train station in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, and started intimidating and beating people up indiscriminately. They mostly targetted protesters dressed in black and on their way home from the pro-democracy protests that were happening regularly then but members of the public were also not spared. Two policemen were seen walking away from the scene of the violence as it was happening. Law enforcement only arrived 38 minutes later despite the nearest police station being just a 5 minutes walk away from the station.

I visited Hong Kong with no luggage and little belongings in September 2019. The first things that I bought were toiletries and cigarettes. I made this work after I had returned, as I was unpacking my belongings from that trip.

Presented at LASALLE Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore in 2019.